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Here you'll find a suite of free sepsis resources, including free CPD/CME-accredited lectures from some of the leading sepsis experts in the world.
Sepsis Australia is a collaboration of individuals and organisations working to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis and to provide information and support to the families and friends of people with sepsis. To find out more, visit

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World Sepsis Congress: Sessions 1-15

Sessions 1 to 15 from the World Sepsis Congress 2021 are now free on YouTube & Apple Podcasts, including chapter markers so you can jump right to speakers/topics you are most interested in.

Session 1: The Impact of Policy, Healthcare, Science, and Public-Private Partnership

Session 2: Combating Sepsis Is a Great Patient Safety Strategy

Session 3: Lessons Learned for Ending This and Preventing the Next Pandemic

Session 4: A World Imbalanced: Sepsis and Inequity

Session 5: Standards and Novel Approaches to Prevent Sepsis

Session 6: The Voice of Healthcare Workers

Session 7: Understanding the Different Faces of Sepsis

Session 8: Long-Term Sequelae from Sepsis and COVID-19

Session 9: The Missing Stories: Families and Survivors of Sepsis and COVID-19

Session 10: The Role of AI, Big Data, and Digitalization in Combating Sepsis and COVID-19

Session 11: Impactful Trials and Innovative Trial Design in Sepsis and COVID-19

Session 12: Advances in Pathogen Detection and the Fight Against AMR

Session 13: Novel Approaches in the Diagnosis of Sepsis and COVID-19

Session 14: Immunomodulatory Treatments in Sepsis and Severe COVID-19

Session 15: Global Standards and Guidelines for the Management of Sepsis and COVID-19 Patients

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