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Here you'll find a suite of free sepsis resources, including free CPD/CME-accredited lectures from some of the leading sepsis experts in the world.
Sepsis Australia is a collaboration of individuals and organisations working to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis and to provide information and support to the families and friends of people with sepsis. To find out more, visit

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World Sepsis Congress 2023 - Sessions 1 - 14

Watch all 14 sessions from the 4th World Sepsis Congress

Session 1: Key Success Factors to Address Global Health Threats
Session 2: The Health Economic and Human Burden of Infections and Pandemics
Session 3: Overcoming Silos to Address Infection-Related Global Health Threats
Session 4: The Quality of Healthcare Systems and QI Efforts on Outcomes from Sepsis and Pandemics
Session 5: Advances and Challenges by Our Regional Sepsis Alliances
Session 6: Advances in Timely Pathogen and Sepsis Detection
Session 7: The Benefits of Multidisciplinary Teams in Sepsis Care on the Healthcare Facility Level
Session 8: The Potential and Challenges to Intervene with the Immune Response
Session 9: Biomarkers and Antimicrobial Stewardship – The Synergies to Diagnose Sepsis and to Prevent AMR
Session 10: Lessons from the Pandemic to Fight Common Infections and Sepsis
Session 11: Understanding and Improving Long-term Outcomes after Sepsis and COVID-19
Session 12: Neonatal Sepsis Platforms and Guidelines
Session 13: The Impact of Survivors and Family Members to Improve Sepsis Awareness and Advocacy
Session 14: Maternal Sepsis: Why Is It Still in the Top 3 for Global Incidence of Sepsis?

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