Case Study – Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN)


"We’re delighted to have partnered with Continulus to provide a solution for continued education for our members, ensuring our members can access online lectures at a time that suits them, delivered by world leading medical experts."  - Rand Butcher, CEO, Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN)

The ACCCN is a not-for-profit leading national organisation with members working across the critical care clinical spectrum, principally in the area of intensive care, in clinical, educational, management, and research roles.


The Challenge

Recent circumstances (COVID-19) have greatly affected the ACCCN, as members can no longer physically travel to various conferences, lectures, and events that would usually enable them to maintain a high level of skill and knowledge, and meet their CPD needs. As we continue to expand our virtual lectures with specialists in Critical Care, it was apparent that we were a great fit for the educational needs of the ACCCN.


The Solution

We are delighted to provide their members access to online world-expert lectures, on a fortnightly basis, and at a time, pace, and place that suits them. Not only is this convenient for members, but it negates the time, cost, hassle, and environmental impact of travel typically associated with traditional medical conferences.

In addition, members are also being supported during the pandemic through a new Upskilling Course we have recently developed with the ACCCN. This provides information-rich, accessible content that equips Nurses with the skills they need to tackle the current challenges at hand. It covers essential topics such as; the basics of nursing care, ventilation, lines management, proning, and more. The course is delivered by world-leading experts including Rand Butcher, Lisa Fahey, Deb Massey, Eugene Mondor, and Belinda Foley. As part of our commitment to offering fair, accessible education to those who need it, this course is free (with a free Continulus account) and available to critical care health workers worldwide.


The Result

Members of ACCCN have benefit from the partnership in a number of key ways:

  • Access to a suite of lectures with leading global experts on topics highly relevant for the current pandemic
  • The ability to schedule their learning around their busy schedules and family commitments, learning at a pace that suits them.
  • CPD accreditation per lecture. 1 lecture = 1 CPD point. Certificates are provided and can be downloaded at any point.
  • A quality learning experience including multi-angle cameras, the ability to pause/resume at their own pace, note-taking and forum discussions, aiding learning and retention.
  • Through using Continulus, members are also helping to support healthcare projects globally and help lower-income countries.


Members have commented;

The lecture was amazing and much more interactive than I would have imagined.”

A highly interactive learning experience delivered in a global community. A fantastic experience.


About the ACCCN and Continulus Partnership

The ACCCN was the first organisation we partnered with to deliver online lectures from leading medical specialists and educators around the world. Their members now have free access to our programme of fortnightly lectures with the leading critical care nursing speakers and researchers across the world, available to them when and where it suits. Alongside our fortnightly program of content, they also have access to the new 'Core Critical Care Nursing' course which can be used to educate nurses providing support in Critical Care Units from other roles.

Aligning with our own values, the College aims to improve the care and outcomes of critically ill patients and takes a holistic approach to developing members Continuing Professional Development.

CEO Rand Butcher said:

"The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses has been working with Continulus for a few months now and already our Nurses have been reaping the benefits of the vast programme of online CPD accredited lectures. In recent circumstances, our members have found it difficult to continue their CPD learning as travelling to conferences has become increasingly challenging, and in the current climate, it just isn’t possible. We’re delighted to have partnered with Continulus to provide a solution for this, ensuring our members can now access online lectures at a time that suits them, delivered by world leading medical experts. Our values align well with Continulus as we share the same vision of providing fair access to leading Critical Care Clinicians, Nurse Educators and Researchers to those who need it.


We’re also pleased to have worked closely with the Continulus team to develop a new Intensive Care Upskilling Course, which is now available on the platform for free to health professionals all over the world who are seeking to expand their skills during this vital period. We are certain our partnership with Continulus will continue to benefit our members and look forward to working together on more projects in the future."


Over the next year, we will provide access to ongoing online education for members. We are also working on a project with the ACCCN to allow them to create and deliver their own reactive content, hosted on Continulus.


Growing International Partnerships

Our partnership with the ACCCN is just one of the many global organisations we are working with to help medical professionals upskill and continue their learning journey with accredited lectures.

We hope that our work in bringing traditional learning methods into the virtual and e-learning world, will allow health professionals around the globe to feel supported and equipped to cope with the challenging road ahead. Not only in terms of their medical skills, but to also support their mental health and wellbeing; something that should not be overlooked during the current crisis.

We look forward to announcing further international partnerships in the near future, with exciting plans in the pipeline with organisations in Ghana, Cameroon, and India to name just a few.



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