Command the Airway

An emergency airway masterclass

Rich Levitan

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Course overview

Rich Levitan

Arguably the world's most cited airway educator in critical care and teacher of world-famous cadaver airway course in Baltimore

What's it about?

A simplified and incrementalised approach to laryngoscopy, this course includes six lectures plus multiple tutorials on the skills of airway management

NB. this course contains some graphic images that may not be suitable for all viewers

Learning objectives:

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

  1. adopt techniques to combat stress during highly-skilled procedures
  2. improve patient positioning, resuscitation and oxygenation prior to intubation
  3. adopt a simplified and incrementalised approach to laryngoscopy
  4. improve cord visualisation, tube delivery and first-pass success

Who's it for?

Highly recommended for all critical care providers

Duration 335 mins.

Course Lecturer

Professor Richard Levitan

Professor Levitan is an Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine at Dartmouth School of Medicine (New Hampshire), visiting Professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore, Maryland). Professor Levitan is director of the New York City Airway Course, the Yellowstone Airway Course and the worlds largest cadaver airway course, in Baltimore (monthly for 16 years).

Prof. Levitan has given more than 350 invited international lectures on airway management and authored 42 publications and 3 textbooks on airway management. He is the inventor of the AirwayCam, which captured real-time, advanced airway skills for the first time. These resources have been used in 4000 hospitals in 26 different countries.

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