Continulus Foundation


Continulus aims to provide all healthcare professionals with equal access to world-leading continuing medical and nursing education. This is currently limited by time, cost and geographic location. Continulus aims to overcome these barriers, providing access to courses, conferences, and tutorials with world-experts at a time, cost and location that suits the user while negating the environmental impact, and hassle, of travel.

We provide a tiered pricing structure with a modest cost in high-income countries, subsidized access in middle-income countries and free access in low-income countries (as defined by the World Bank).

We additionally donate time, resources and money to further healthcare learning and delivery in areas with limited resources. Below is some of our recent activity:


Recent Activity:

  • Sponsor of the African Sepsis Symposium Oct 2018 in Mombasa = £1500
    • Also filmed the conference and provided free access to health professionals across Africa
    • to access the conference click here.
  • May 2019: sponsored the launch of the Liberian Society of Critical Care Nurses = Sponsor Speaker + £500 USD
  • Sponsoring the build of the African Federation of Critical Care Nurses website = $2650 Aus Dollars
  • Sri Lanka Critical Care Nursing Association Conference (Sri Lanka, July 2019) = Sponsor speaker + $500 USD
  • SE Asia Federation of Critical Care Nurses International Conference (Borneo, August 2019) = Sponsor speaker + $1000 USD
  • 4th African Federation of Critical Care Nurses Conference (Cameroon, Nov 2019) = Sponsor speaker + $1000 (plus donation towards website build $1000)
  • 2nd International Conference of the South Asia Federation of Critical Care Nurses (Nepal, Nov 2019) = Sponsor Speaker + $1000 USD


If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.