African Sepsis Symposium

An update on sepsis in Africa

The course duration is 6hrs 00min.

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African Sepsis Symposium
A Faculty of International Sepsis Experts
Module 1: Sepsis Prevention, Diagnosis and Management - Session 1
  • Lecture: TEX KISSOON: Introductory Remarks
  • Lecture: SHEVIN JACOB - Sepsis definitions & current recommendations in sepsis management
  • Lecture: KATHRYN MAITLAND: Paediatric Sepsis - what do we need to know?
  • Lecture: Panel Discussion
Module 2: Sepsis Prevention, Diagnosis and Management - Session 2
  • Lecture: ENOCH OMONGE: Antibiotic resistance and the need for antibiotic stewardship in Kenya
  • Lecture: ZAHIDA QURESHI: Maternal & Neonatal Sepsis: an audit of facilities in Nairobi (abridged version until results can be made public)
  • Lecture: EMMANUEL NSUTEBU: The African Sepsis Alliance: opportunities to improve sepsis care in Africa
  • Lecture: Panel Discussion
Module 3: Session 3: Sepsis Data CoLabs Workshop - University of British Columbia
  • Lecture: TEX KISSOON: Establishing Collaborative Efforts in the Fight Against Sepsis in Children
  • Lecture: MARK ANSERMINO: The Paediatric Sepsis Data CoLaboratory
  • Lecture: Panel Discussion
  • Lecture: SAM ORACH: Electronic Records at UCMB and the Network
  • Lecture: FRANCIS FURIA: Paediatric Sepsis at Muhimbili - data for improved care
  • Lecture: NATHAN KENYA-MUGISHU: Managing Severe Illness in Uganda
Module 4: Sepsis Prevention, Diagnosis and Management - Session 4
  • Lecture: FATIMA PARUK: The role of biomarkers in sepsis
  • Lecture: GUNTURU REVATHI: Antimicrobial and Diagnostic Stewardship
  • Lecture: CATHERINE WASWA: Infection control teams and hospital-acquired infections in Arica
  • Lecture: CORNELIA OUMA: Proposed sepsis pathway for resource-limited settings
  • Lecture: A message from the African Students Sepsis Alliance
  • Lecture: Closing Remarks
Course Summary

The African Sepsis Symposium was held in Kenya in October 2018. Continulus was honoured to sponsor the conference and to record it, providing free access to healthcare professionals across Africa. Our sincere thanks to the organisers and the speakers for their support.

Target Audience

All healthcare professionals that manage patients with sepsis