Best Sepsis Care For Our Kids

A National Forum

The course duration is 1hr 54min.

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Paediatric Sepsis Week Faculty
A faculty of paediatric sepsis experts & survivors from Australia
Module 1: Best Sepsis Care for Our Kids: A National Forum: 1
  • Lecture: Sepsis Kills: Myths & Misconceptions
  • Lecture: The Perth Children's Hospital Sepsis Program
  • Lecture: Is it Sepsis?
  • Lecture: Sepsis Care Coordinator Role
Module 2: Best Sepsis Care for Our Kids: A National Forum: 2
  • Lecture: A Story-led Roadmap for Sustainable, Innovative and Evidence-informed Paediatric Sepsis Care
  • Lecture: Escaping Sepsis
  • Lecture: A Collaborative Approach to the Development of Pediatric Sepsis Guidance in British Columbia, Canada
Course Summary

Sepsis is a leading cause of harm in children worldwide, with infants and children aged under five years at greater risk. In Australia, vital work is being done in healthcare and community settings to increase awareness of paediatric sepsis and improve outcomes for children diagnosed with sepsis and their families. Best Sepsis Care for our Kids is virtual symposium held recognise International Paediatric Sepsis Week an initiative of the US Sepsis Alliance held in April each year to raise awareness of paediatric sepsis and share expert knowledge. Sepsis Australia and the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program invite you to view the symposium recording to hear from sepsis champions from Australia and Canada on initiatives across the spectrum of care, from acute hospital through to post-sepsis and community programs.

Target Audience

All healthcare professionals who care for septic paediatric patients

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Recognise and accurately assess signs of paediatric sepsis
  • Learn effective messaging to raise awareness in indigenous communities
  • Explore unique sepsis education initiatives for clinicians