Long-term Effects of Critical Illness

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

The lecture duration is 42min.

0.75 CPD Points, 0.75 CEUs, 0.75 CME credits approval pending.
Accredited by CPDUK, CBRN and Provider Pending.

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Elisabeth Papathanassoglou
Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canada
Lecture Summary

This talk will review current evidence on the prevalence and manifestations of post-intensive care (PICS) and post-sepsis syndrome (PSS) and will explore links with prolonged critical illness and post-COVID19 syndrome. Current advances in our understanding of the pathophysiology of PICS will be discussed, including the role of immune and macrophage dysfunction, as well as their implications for the management of PICS. Evidence on approaches to improve long-term outcomes after critical illness will be presented, and gaps in the literature and practice implications will be discussed.

Target Audience

Critical Care Nurses
Trainee Critical Care Doctors

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • Identify key physical, psychological and socioeconomic consequences of PICS
  • Compare and contrast manifestations and patient outcomes in PICS and PSS
  • Identify risk factors for PICS
  • Familiarize with current approaches in preventing and managing PICS and PSS and their limitations
  • Gain an understanding of the complex pathophysiological mechanisms underlying PICS and PSS