World Sepsis Day 2021

An update in Sepsis brought to you by the Australian Sepsis Network and Alfred Health

The course duration is 5hrs 05min.

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World Sepsis Day Faculty
A faculty of sepsis experts & survivors from Australia and around the world
Module 1: Australian Sepsis Network National Symposium
  • Lecture: Welcome
  • Lecture: Sepsis in 2021
  • Lecture: Stopping Sepsis National Action Plan - progress review
  • Lecture: Sepsis advocacy, awareness & education
  • Lecture: National Sepsis Toolkit Launch
  • Lecture: Clinical care
  • Lecture: Post Sepsis support
  • Lecture: Panel Discussion
  • Lecture: Sepsis Research, Next Steps & Close
Module 2: SEPSIS 2021: Intro
  • Lecture: Sepsis epidemiology & the global threat
Module 3: SEPSIS 2021: Challenges in Recogntion
  • Lecture: Case Presentation
  • Lecture: Primary & pre-hospital care
  • Lecture: Paediatric emergencies
  • Lecture: Sepsis algorithm and digital solutions in acute care
  • Lecture: Panel discussion
Module 4: SEPSIS 2021: Controversies in care
  • Lecture: Surviving Sepsis Campaign Surviving Sepsis Campaign
  • Lecture: Antimicrobials
  • Lecture: ECMO and complicated therapies
Module 5: SEPSIS 2021: Gaps in recovery support
  • Lecture: Sepsis sequelae and long COVID
  • Lecture: Navigating recovery
  • Lecture: Support services and coordinated care
  • Lecture: Panel discussion
Module 6: World Sepsis Day wrap-up
  • Lecture: Summary of conference discussion and learnings
Course Summary

The Australian Sepsis Network has worked closely with the Victorian Sepsis Grand Round team to bring you the virtual conference SEPSIS 2021: A Global Threat. Learn about the ‘Stopping Sepsis National Action Plan’ recommendations and explore the global threat SEPSIS poses in 2021, its association with COVID-19, challenges and controversies. Hear from sepsis survivors and clinical experts on recognition, clinical care, post sepsis support and Australia’s response to the global threat of sepsis.

Target Audience

All healthcare professionals who care for septic patients

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to:

  • discuss the threat that sepsis poses in 2021 and beyond
  • appreciate the long-term experiences of sepsis survivors
  • describe the lates definitions and relevance to the COVID pandemic