Continulus provides Lecture Series for Nurses in Cancer Care

Continulus has partnered with the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) to provide a new online lecture programme, beginning this month and running until the end of the year.

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The end of face-to-face conferences? How Continulus is paving the way forward for Healthcare Professionals

Face-to-face conferences have traditionally presented a valuable resource to learn new advancements and best practice from the world’s leading practitioners and researchers. However, the accessibility of these events is steadily becoming diminished by increasing costs, decreasing freedom of movement, and growing awareness of environmental impact...

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Case study: Our work with the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses

We are delighted to work alongside the ACCCN to provide their members with online world-expert lectures for their members to access on a fortnightly basis, at a time, pace and place that suits them. This not only is more convenient for members, but it negates the time, cost, hassle and environmental impact of travel typically associated with traditional medical conferences.

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Preparing Critical Care Nurses to Face COVID-19

How the Continulus platform is providing remotely delivered CPD training to give critical care staff the edge they need in the fight against COVID-19.

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