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The Australian Sepsis Network is a collaborative of individuals and organisations working to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis and to provide information and support to the families and friends of people with sepsis. To find out more, visit

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Could this be sepsis? Sepsis in Children - a webinar by Amanda Harley
George Talks: What is Sepsis and what are the signs? (Sep '20)
Sepsis Alliance Webinar Series
Spotting Sepsis - Australian College of Paramedicine (Nov '20)
Tackling Sepsis in Australia - A National Response (Nov '20)
All about sepsis with Prof. Simon Finfer (podcast)

Critical 2 your Success Podcast

Episode 19: The magnitude and Experience of Sepsis with Dr Naomi Hammond and Dr Brett Abbenbroek.

To mark World Sepsis Day 2020 this discussion focuses on sepsis and how Australia is tackling the problem through is Stopping Sepsis National Action Plan.

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Understanding long term outcomes of sepsis (Podcast)

In this discussion, Professor Carol Hodgson and Dr Kelly Thompson explain the challenges in understanding what sepsis is, discuss their findings regarding long term outcomes, and identify opportunities for changes in post-hospitalisation treatment that could improve quality of life for sepsis survivors.

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