Preparing Critical Care Nurses to Face COVID-19

Learn about how we are providing remotely delivered CPD training to give critical care staff the edge they need in the fight against the Coronavirus.



The Coronavirus pandemic has exacted a heavy toll across the world over the last few months. Not only has it been felt by patients suffering through infection, but also by the healthcare workers striving to treat, test and protect those in intensive care. The demand placed on staff has been enormous in every country touched by the pandemic.

As well as staff numbers, lack of space in wards and the need for protective equipment, training is one of the many issues currently facing healthcare professionals. Staff working in critical care require up to date knowledge on the appropriate procedures to help treat patients with COVID-19 and must be kept abreast of any developments coming from scientific research on the virus.

However, with nationwide lock-downs putting restrictions on travel for medical staff across the globe, in-person training is more challenging. On top of this, critical care nurses in low-income countries may need to be trained quickly in key procedures but do not have the resources to access training.

This is where Continulus has been seeking to provide a solution.


A New Kind of Learning Platform

We offer certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and continuing education credits through an accessible, affordable and convenient online platform, which is already being accessed by the Australian Critical Care College of Nurses (ACCCN) and many other partners across the globe.

Our platform allows members to watch lectures and tutorials delivered by world-renowned healthcare practitioners and researchers. Pre-recorded talks allow you to learn at a time, place and pace that suits you, while live sessions allow you to interact with demonstrators and other viewers in real-time. Take time-coded notes, see up close with multiple camera angles, pause and rewind, export learning summaries and join in discussions on our global forums.

Our faculty of renowned practitioners brings the latest evidence-based practice to our bespoke courses, lectures and tutorials.

Responding to COVID-19

During the ongoing crisis, Continulus has been taking steps to ensure that the essential education is readily available for those working on the frontlines. We’re proud to have partnered with the ACCCN to recently launch an online Core Critical Care Nursing Upskill Course accessible to medical professionals around the globe for free.

Healthcare teams or individuals across the globe can access Continulus remotely with ease, fairness and flexibility, in order to stay abreast of the training they need to combat COVID-19 and share knowledge and insight among the medical community. We’re delighted to have also recently launched a library of free COVID-19 educational lectures accessible to any medical professional across the globe. These cover a host of relevant topics such as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Mechanical Ventilation, IV Fluids and Cardiac Arrest as well as wellbeing focussed tutorials to help health carers manage their own mental health during the crisis.


Find out more about accessing Continulus for your organisation and the free resources relating to COVID-19 available here.