Our Social Impact

We believe that all healthcare professionals should experience equality of opportunity when accessing high-quality continuing education from the leading subject experts in the world. We donate time, 4% of revenue and resources to supporting sustainable healthcare and healthcare education globally.

We are committed to operating in a climate conscious manner. Based fully in the cloud using an eco data centre with energy-efficient servers that are powered by 100% renewable energy to help minimise our carbon footprint.

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Free, Fair, Four

Our lectures are free for all, we offer fair pricing for premium feature subscriptions (no charge in low-income countries) and we donate four per cent of revenue to global healthcare projects.

Overcome Barriers

Not only does Continulus operate at low internet bandwidths, but we continually assess the needs and barriers to access of users in low resource settings and aim to overcome any issues they might have.

Running Projects in LMICs

We use our technology, network, and expertise in online learning, to help busy researchers and organisations build online education solutions for LMICs. Contact us to find out more.

Sustainable Education

We donate time, money and resources to support local, sustainable education in LMIC's. We’ve built websites, launched multiple national societies, sponsored conferences and provided free video access to conference content.