Anselm Wong

Associate Professor Emergency Physician and Clinical Toxicologist at the Victorian Poisons Information Centre and Austin Toxicology Unit at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Anselm Wong completed a PhD in the risk prediction and management of paracetamol overdose. His research focussed on decreasing adverse reactions from the antidotal treatment and trials on shortening the treatment time of paracetamol overdose from 20 to 12 hours in selected patients. He also has an interest in global toxicology education and research. Dr Wong is the Project Director of the Global Educational Toxicology Uniting Project run through the American College of Medical Toxicology. This project aims to connect countries with and without toxicology services. Anselm's Toxicology research interests include paracetamol poisoning management and risk prediction, drug trials, novel biomarker research, drug pharmacokinetics in poisoning, global toxicology, cannabis and related therapies and epidemiological studies. He is a member of numerous professional associations including TAPNA, APAMT, ACMT, AACT and ACEM. He is involved in international research collaborations producing guidelines for management of poisoning. Anselm is Chair of the Toxicology and Poisons Network Australasia Scientific Committee.

Lectures by Anselm Wong

Management of Paracetamol Overdose

Key considerations

Emergency Medicine / Toxicology