Arthur Slutsky

Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Biomedical Engineering, University Toronto, Canada

Dr. Arthur S. Slutsky is Vice President (Research), St. Michael’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine, Surgery and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto. He is a pulmonary and critical care physician whose research interests include acute respiratory failure, non-conventional ventilation, classic respiratory mechanics, and the primary role mechanical ventilation plays in the development of subsequent lung injury and multiple organ failure. His basic research in mechanisms of ventilator-induced lung injury has been translated into lung protective ventilator strategies leading to decreased mortality of patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

He has published >500 peer-reviewed publications and >75 book chapters. Dr. Slutsky received a B.A.Sc. (cum laude), 1970, Engineering Science; M.A.Sc., Industrial Engineering, 1972, University of Toronto, and M.D. from McMaster University, 1976. Dr. Slutsky was an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard University, from 1980-84. He returned to the University of Toronto in 1984, where he is a Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Biomedical Engineering.

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