Brandi Vanderspank-Wright

Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Brandi Vanderspank-Wright is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing.  She is also an Affiliate Investigator with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, a Director (Central Region: Ontario and Manitoba) with the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses and Chief Editor of the Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing. Her clinical practice experience includes adult critical care and end-of-life care in both critical care and residential hospice contexts. She maintains certification in Adult Critical Care through the Canadian Nurses’ Association Certification Program. The focus of Dr. Vanderspank-Wright’s doctoral research was the development of critical care nursing in Canada over a period of 40+ years. Her current program of research focuses on the experiences of clinicians (particularly nurses) as they navigate complex health care situations inherent to the critical care environment. The latter includes supporting new nurses and other health care providers as they transition into critical care practice. She has a particular interest in ensuring the provision of good end-of-life care in the critical care environment and providing a nuanced understanding of end-of-life care experiences of clinicians and family members within the contexts of withdrawal and withholding of life-sustaining measures.

Lectures by Brandi Vanderspank-Wright

Critical Care Nurse Transition

theoretical perspectives that provide useful lenses to understand transition in nursing practice

Critical Care Nursing / Management and Leadership