Elizabeth Manias

Professor of Nursing, Deakin University, Australia

Professor Elizabeth Manias is the Associate Head of School (Research) in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, at Deakin University, and is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist. She is a healthcare communication scientist, who has undertaken research in medication communication, medication safety and adherence, and risk management. Prof. Manias leads a programme of research examining the roles of interdisciplinary healthcare teams and collaboration on patient safety and quality. She also has conducted research on how health professional communication in different hospital environments impacts their perceptions of wellbeing. She has examined communication processes between health professionals in different contexts, including the needs of health professionals of different disciplines, with varying levels of experience, such as new graduates and senior clinicians. Her research has examined factors influencing the implementation of hospital-wide interventions to promote professionalism and to build a safety culture.

Lectures by Elizabeth Manias

Interventions to Address Medication Safety in the ICU

The prevalence, outcomes and risk factors for medication errors, with interventions to reduce

Critical Care Nursing / Pharmacology