Kathleen Vollman

Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Educator and Consultant, USA

Ms Vollman is a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Educator and Consultant.  She has published & lectured nationally and internationally on a variety of pulmonary, critical care, prevention of healthcare-acquired injuries, work culture and sepsis recognition & management.  From 1989 to 2003 she functioned in the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Medical ICU’s at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit Michigan.  Currently, her company, ADVANCING NURSING LLC, is focused on creating empowered work environments for nurses through the acquisition of greater skills and knowledge. Ms. Vollman is a subject matter expert for the prevention of CAUTI, CLABSI and HAPI as well as sepsis recognition/management and the culture of safety for American Hospital Association and the Michigan Hospital Association.  In 2004, Kathleen was inducted into the College of Critical Care Medicine, in 2009 she was inducted into the American Academy of Nurses. In 2012, Ms Vollman was appointed to serve as an honorary ambassador to the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses and is currently the financial director.

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