Leanne Aitken

Professor of Critical Care at City, University of London

Professor Leanne Aitken is Professor of Critical Care at City, University of London. In this role she is responsible for leading research and scholarship in acute and critical care nursing, as well as implementing her own programme of research that focuses on recovery after critical illness and injury, and a range of clinical practice issues within critical care. Other responsibilities include teaching, supervision of research students, and leadership of new developments within the discipline of nursing at City, University of London.

Professor Aitken holds a visiting appointment with Griffith University in Australia, and is an Ambassador for the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses. She is a Fellow of both the American Academy of Nursing and the Australian College of Nursing, as well as a Life Member and Fellow of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses. Professor Aitken is also a Fulbright Alumnus after receiving a Fulbright Senior Scholarship to undertake research examining recovery after trauma at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Professor Aitken has published more than 120 original publications in peer-reviewed journals and edited the textbook: Critical Care Nursing.

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