Maria Karanikola

Associate Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology

Dr Maria Karanikola is an Associate Professor at Cyprus University of Technology since 2008. She holds a BSc in Nursing (1999) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Nursing, as well as a Master’s degree in Mental Health (2001) and a PhD in Mental Health Nursing (2006) from this institute.
She has clinical experience as a staff nurse in a variety of clinical settings, including mental health services.
Her main research interest focuses on the influence of the health care milieu on the mental health of nurses and patients, with a special interest in mental health, emergency and critical care settings. Moreover, she is exploring the experience of mental health disease and of receiving/delivering care and how this may affect patients’ and providers’ neuro-cognitive and psychological responses, their meaning and values. Additionally, she has explored professional role issues among Greek and Cypriot nurses and their association with mental health parameters, as well as with the quality of delivered care. In the immediate future, she intends to explore the effectiveness of psychological support interventions in nurses’ and patients’ mental health status, as well as the role of neurocognitive functioning in nurses’ and patients’ responses to clinical issues.

Lectures by Maria Karanikola

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