Victoria Metaxa

Critical Care and Major Trauma Consultant, King’s College Hospital, London

Victoria Metaxa is a Critical Care and Major Trauma Consultant, at King’s College Hospital in London. She is the medical lead for the Critical Care Outreach Team of the Trust, as well as the end-of-life ICU lead.

She has a PhD in neurosciences and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Trials. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Medical Ethics and Palliative Care at Keele University. Victoria has participated in and led a number of international and national studies, predominantly around end-of-life in critical care. She is a member of the European Society of Intensive Care (ESICM) Ethics group, as well as of the newly founded ESICM Diversity Task Force. She is participating in several clinical ethics committees.

Victoria founded and leads the haemato-oncology/critical care provision at King’s College Hospital. Through this initiative, the collaboration and daily interactions of the two teams has significantly improved. She is a founding member of the EuroCAR-T Force, a multi-national group of Critical Care consultants aiming to accelerate clinical experience, promote research and define a working framework in the emerging field of immune cell therapy.

Lectures by Victoria Metaxa

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