The end of face-to-face conferences? How Continulus is paving the way forward for Healthcare Professionals



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for healthcare professionals to maintain and improve their skill and practice, ensuring optimal standards of healthcare delivery and improving the quality of care and patient health.

Face-to-face conferences have traditionally presented a valuable resource to learn new advancements and best practice from the world’s leading practitioners and researchers. They allow those working in healthcare to share work and form networks, while also helping them achieve Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs.

However, the accessibility of these events is steadily becoming diminished by increasing costs, decreasing freedom of movement, and growing awareness of environmental impact:

  • Limited Budget: Both healthcare professionals and organisations face limited and often decreasing budget to meet required travel, event, and accommodation costs. This limits the choice or possibility of attending conferences; something exacerbated for healthcare professionals in low-income countries.
  • COVID-19 & Travel Limitations: Global travel has become increasingly restricted due to the widespread impact of COVID-19. For healthcare professionals, personal and family commitments might also limit the time and budget available for them to attend face-to-face events. The Coronavirus pandemic alone has severely impacted the running of all international medical and nursing events and restricted travel has made in-person training almost impossible in many countries.
  • Limited Time: With conference attendance requiring several days out of essential work or use of annual leave, choice and opportunity are limited by the practitioners’ rotas and availability.
  • Environmental Impact – National and International travel to CPD events poses a significant carbon footprint and one that is not necessarily essential. Remote access would provide more accessibility, flexibility, and choice, plus a significant reduction in carbon emissions.


Continulus provides solutions to these issues and paves the way for the future of Healthcare CPD in a number of ways:

  • Continulus brings the world's experts to your living room so you can access lectures, courses, conferences, and podcasts with a world-leading faculty of global experts from the comfort of your home.
  • Undertake Accredited CPD at a time, pace, and place that suits you, negating the time, cost, and environmental impact of travel.
  • Engage in Q&A with experts, time-coded note-taking, multi-angle views, peer-to-peer forums, and downloadable learning resources, support rich and effective learning.
  • Continulus has a commitment to providing equitable access to a global market
  • Users span 47 countries and bodies such as the Australian Critical Care College of Nurses (ACCCN).


With Continulus you can more easily achieve your CPD healthcare needs: Pre-recorded talks allow you to learn at your own pace, while live sessions allow you to interact with demonstrators and other viewers in real-time. Take time-coded notes, see up close with multiple camera angles, pause and rewind, export learning summaries, and join in discussions on our global forums.

Our faculty of renowned practitioners bring the latest evidence-based practice to our bespoke courses, lectures, and tutorials. This effectively revolutionises CPD, removing the stress, cost, and environmental impact of traveling to conferences or training sessions.


Responding to COVID-19

Continulus is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in the global fight against COVID-19. Our online platform overcomes the barriers of traditional face-to-face delivery including time, funding, and geography; healthcare professionals around the world can access Continulus remotely with ease, fairness, and flexibility.

In addition to our fortnightly Lecture series, Continulus has been actively responding to priorities during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring frontline healthcare professionals have free access to our COVID-19 content to support the challenges they face in their rapidly changing daily practice.

Topics include mechanical ventilation, ARDS, and stress management delivered by Kathleen Vollman, Eugene Mondor, Prof. Danny McAuley & Dr. James Jackson, PsyD, to name just a few.

In collaboration with the ACCCN, Continulus has launched a Free Access online Critical Care CPD-recognised upskill course for nurses around the globe.


Continuing Education for All

At the heart of Continulus is an equal-opportunity mission to make world-leading healthcare CPD fairly priced and accessible for all healthcare professionals, regardless of location and resource.

Access to affordable and convenient high-quality CPD is largely determined by where you live, with those in rural communities and lower-resource countries being the most disadvantaged. Continulus strives to overcome this and ensure complete access to those who need to benefit from accessing high-impact, evidenced-based best-practice with leading global experts.

Access is subsidised in middle-income countries and free in low-income countries, with time and resources invested in ensuring we overcome any barriers they might have in resources, including internet access. Our Common Good mission means profits are donated to support healthcare projects in some of the world’s most poorly resourced areas, so by accessing Continulus you support both your own learning and the delivery of healthcare within these areas.


Potential for Educators

For Educators and Researchers, Continulus presents an excellent platform to share courses with a wider and more diverse audience. At a conference or traditional face-to face event, your talk may be limited by time slots and venue seating capacity, with there often being limitations on interactivity and Q&A as well. With the Continulus platform, you can create multi-format content to be delivered at a time, place, and pace that suits your viewers, with smooth and integrated interactivity thanks to polling and forums for Q&A.


The rapidly changing landscape of healthcare means professionals need convenient and swift access to CPD in order to support their needs. Continulus’ online platform overcomes the barriers of traditional face-to-face delivery including time, funding, and geography; healthcare professionals around the world can access Continulus remotely with ease, fairness, and flexibility.


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