Access to world-class learning should be equal and fair for all healthcare professionals. Have you ever wanted to access world-renowned CPD/CME but were prevented by lack of funding, time or ability to travel? MedReach online platform brings you high-quality lectures, courses and conferences with world-experts, at a time, pace and location that suits, negating the time, cost and environmental impact of travel.

Features include live webinar lectures; bespoke multi-camera angle video tutorials; note-taking functions; discussion forums; and ability to export certificates and learning summaries for your CME/CPD portfolio (type 2 or category 2 credits).

What’s more, you will be contributing to improved healthcare for those that need it most: each course supports high-impact healthcare projects in the world’s most poorly resourced areas.

So sign up or contact us today and start your CPD/CME journey with MedReach.

* MedReach is continually adding new content so please contact us to recommend any CME that deserves a wider audience.

** Our lectures are filmed live so there may be occasional issues common at such events (mobile phones ringing, late arrivers, technical hitches) though we do our best to minimize these.


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